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The Pros
The price that eggs are sold at means they are still one of the cheapest forms of food. Great value!

Bone composition

Eggs are also very useful and probably vital, for bone composition. They help prevent fractures.

Eggs help





They are rich in vitamin D and vitamin K, both of which are easily absorbed from eggs. Vitamin is a vital component in blood composition, helping it coagulate, which is vital to stop bleeding. Vitamin D is so important to many processes in the body including preventing weight gain and in fighting cancer. 



romote Muscles

The relevant component of eggs that helps muscle development is amino acid, eggs contain several. They are very high in protein and the amino acids they contain help the body to repair damage in the muscle tissues and to develop them.

Eggs stimulate intelligence

It's long been a myth but is now a proven scientific fact - eggs really do help your intelligence. The main ingredient is CHOLINE which is an important constituent of the egg white.  It gets absorbed by the body and used as a neurotransmitter called acetylenecholin. This improves cognition which in turn helps the brain to focus.  Choline is important to the liver and assists in detoxification - very important in weight loss.

Eggs on a carboard tray
Coloured eggs in nests
Fried eggs on a griddle
A trio of eggs
Eggs boiled with fruit (Healthy)
Chicken Coops Are Trending!

Poultry cost very little to raise,  the hardest work is going out and picking up the eggs.  There are however several pitfalls and, as with anything to do with livestock and construction, a bit of knowledge and expertise can be VERY helpful.

This great guide tells you all you need to know about building a vermin and fox-proof home for your feathered friends. 
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Eggs Build Chicken Coop Book
Chicken Coop for the Eggs
The last few years have witnessed an amazing boom in the popularity of chickens as pets. People in their thousands have woken up to the fact that you don t need farmland or lots of special equipment to keep them; today's exciting new generation of chicken houses mean that anyone with a bit of space - a garden, terrace, or simple backyard can keep chickens. And the added bonus is that they make great pets.

Low-maintenance and easy-going, provided they are regularly fed and watered chickens virtually look after themselves. No need to take them for a walk, and they come with a lifetime supply of free eggs. When this brilliant illustrated guide to chicken keeping was first published, it quickly established itself as a best seller.  The book is well made with a harback cover, and less the £7.   Click Here for details of how to order a copy.
Eggs and Cheicken Book
There are many arguments over eggs among nutritionists; some believe they are excellent and vital to any balanced diet, while others argue against this most natural of foods, making various erroneous and usually misquoted claims. 

The Pros & Cons
of eating eggs
The Cons
They say that if something is so good, then it can't be ALL good and must have some faults. Eggs are no different. The claims that eggs MAY be playing a part in diabetes and heart disease are largely misquoting old dated reseaerch.

People who eat lots of eggs also tend to also eat lots of other foods containing lots of fats, and especially saturated fats which are thought to be dangerous - its probably not eggs that are causing the problems. The 'by association' tests are not conclusive and have now largely been disproven by scientists.

High Cholesterol
The claims that eggs are loaded with saturated fats and cholesterol have been proven obsolete, inaccurate and irrelevant. The body is easily able to auto-regulate cholesterol.  Cardio-vascular studies prove that its sugars and refined starches that are a problem for arteries, not any cholesterol in the diet. 

The problems of having eggs for breakfast is more likely to be from the associated breakfast dishes - toast coated in jams, pancakes covered in syrup, bacon, sausage, potatoes and ketchup and other high-carb bearing foods.

Oxidised Cholesterol
One possible problem may be high consumption of eggs where the high cholesterol and high fat content of eggs COULD increase the risk of heart disease.  OXIDISED CHOLESTEROL happens when eggs are cooked at very high temperatures -such as in pried eggs. Oxidising the cholesterol in this way can be dangerous and it is best to avoid fried eggs if this may be a problem. The oxidised cholesterol can damage arteries.

Eggs that are stored for long periods and then fried for long periods can increase the oxidation and the lengthy storage reduces the omega-3 fatty acids.

For a detailed discussion on these problems please see this articles by the Poliquin Group on THIS PAGE.

Eggs - Chicken head
Beware Fried eggs, especially old ones!
There are a variety of different chicken coops that you can build, but understanding which one is going to best fit your needs is important for getting optimal results.   If you spend the money on a chicken house, it only makes sense that it needs to match your individual needs, so getting started on the right foot is important.

Possibly one of the most important factors that will need to be looked at is the size of chicken coop you want to build.  There’s small, medium, and large plans for the chicken coops, each which accommodates a certain number of chickens. 

What size coop do I need?
The biggest mistake you can make is trying to cram too many chickens into your coop.  Because each chicken requires so much area to feel comfortable and lay eggs properly, you’ll really want to make sure you’re choosing your size wisely.

You can get the answer to the problem of size, where to best site your coop, maintenance and a host of other information in this great new guide.  CLICK HERE for more details, including photos, advice and full plans for seven different designs and sizes. 

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