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There are many diets that work, and we describe many of these throughout the DietsThatWork web site. The menu bar (in blue above) will take you to a variety of topics and among the topics that we cover in some depth are:

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Weight Loss & Diet Explained

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The Diets That Work website has some tips and summaries of our findings about various diets on this web site, along with links to many of the books, courses, videos and other help that we used.

NOTE - during our diet assessments we didn't undertake any strenuous exercise or use any specialised equipment.

Some trainers maintain that you can lose a lot of weight without physical effort, and our findings seem to support that. Many believe that boosting the metabolism by strenuous exercise is a good way to lose pounds, so we have included information about training equipment.

Our experience however, is that you CAN lose weight simply by some changes to your existing routine.
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Diet Burger on Wooden Platter

President Trump

drops steak for FISH

- helps

Weight Loss!

Donald Trump has a reputation for loving fast food; his main concession to a diet until recently has been leaving half the bread bun behind when he has a burger - reportedly his favourite food.

Now chefs at the White House have been instructed to replace meat with fish in the President's food as much as possible.

Donanld Trump loves a well done steak and usually smothers it in ketchup, but this has now been replaced by Dover Sole.

His daughter Ivanka and his wife Melanie are joining in Trump's diet with gusto, though even they have been unable to persuade him to eat more vegetables, or do any exercise. Even when he golfs he travels on a motor cart. President Trump is 6'3" tall and weighs around seventeen and a half stones.

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Mens Health pages
Many diets are suitable for both men and women and, with minor adjustment,  most diets can provide sufficient nutritional value for men and women. 

Our Mens Health page deals with the 'man problems' such a testosterone deficencies, erectile disfunction, etc.
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Weight loss programmes

Health and well-being are one of our most important assets.  We all strive to get to an optimum weight but its not easy with so many delicious foods (and drinks) so easily available.  We have tried many methods and countless formulae to lose weight; Some diet have worked, but some have not and may be a waste of money. Our weight loss advice can save you time and money.

We want to share with you some of the diets that we know that work for us. Even modest weight loss, perhaps around 5-10%, can make a huge difference to your body and can significantly improve your health. Even modest weight loss could prevent you succumbing to debilitating diseases as well as save you a lot of time and money. There's no better proof than first hand experience of a product.

Hopefully some diets will work for you too?  Please do let us know your comments and your own weight loss experiences, or whether you find these pages useful.  You can email us direct, or via the eMail button at the top of each page. 

How many 'Diets'

are Diets That Work ?

There are  hundreds of diets, but not all of them work well, so we have selected those that we know really are DietsThatWork.

Once you have lost even a little weight, your body will tell you it wants something else but that's the most natural thing in the world.

If you need help finding someone to help, some mechanical assistance or just some reference work on the subject, then this section is the one to turn to. We shall also be  adding new medical reports every week, so do come back regularly.

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